5 Men’s Hair Trends for Summer 2016

Men’s hair is so underrated, it hardly ever becomes the light of conversation. Luckily for you, we at BLO Salon have compiled a list of styles and products that represent the top trends for this summer.

Men have a myriad of options when it comes to hair styles. Styles with big, textured hair on top, high fades, low fades or a simple cut for a more natural look.



The pompadour is a classic men’s hairstyle. This style is a texturized, modern version of the pompadour. It’s both slightly messy and put together at the same time, great for that guy who wants his hair on the short side. This style doesn’t take a long time to style and is the most effortless, tousled hair style any guy can rock this summer!


We don’t want to slick back the textured Quiff; we want it to look easy. For this modern version of the pompadour, we want to create tons of volume and movement. You can blow dry your hair, but we recommend using an anti-frizz cream that will help activate those soft curls. For a little more texture and volume, try adding a little sea salt spray.

Easy Rider by Kevin Murphy is an anti-frizz cream with added vitamins and minerals made for your hair to de-frizz and get a more flexible hold to the curls.


Our stylist also recommend the Wella EIMI Ocean Spritz, this is a mineral salt spray that can help create a “beachy” texture, protects against dehydration, and UV damage.




This classic and versatile hair style is a good style to revisit. It requires little maintenance and won’t fall flat throughout the day, depending on what products you use. The style allows you to head straight from the office to a night out on the town.

It’s a very conservative and clean haircut that features a slick and tight hold on every strand of hair. Once you’ve mastered the ultimate side part, make sure it stays that way with a firm hold gel or molding paste.

For men with thick or course hair we recommend Kevin Murphy Night Rider. This firm hold paste will guarantee a slick hairstyle without flaking and will last all day.


For men that have fine hair our stylist recommend using Super Goo by Kevin Murphy. This firm hold gel will leave the hair feeling rubbery meaning it will be flexible and light weight without leaving the hair flaky.



The Caesar is another classic men’s hairstyle that’s making a resurgence in popularity this season. This style features short hair with just a little fringe in front. Think Russell Crowe in “The Gladiator”. There are many benefits to this style. The Caesar is suited for practically any type of hair, and with the right product, very little maintenance is required. This haircut is also well-suited for any type of hair and can go effortlessly with any outfit in your closet.


To achieve this look our stylist recommend the Davines Invisible Serum for satiny tousled looks. This serum creates texture and light separation to the hair while also adding shine.


This modern version of the Caesar haircut is a popularized version of the buzz cut with tight sides and shorter length at the top of the head. This style is easy to maintain and incredibly simple to style. With a bit of styling cream this look can be achieved in a matter of seconds and will stay in place all day.


For this look we recommend the Wella EIMI Grip Cream this flexible molding cream is very light weight and will hold up all day.



The undercut is a style that’s short on the sides and long on top. It adapts well to most any type of hair, whether straight or wavy, full or thinning. In fact, having longer hair on top with the undercut can hide a vast array of hair issues. This top portion can be slicked back with hair gel, styled or left “au naturel.” Regular maintenance is essential with an undercut hairstyle. The undercut with the fade-to-beard is very popular right now and it is very simple to achieve.


To achieve this style we recommend a Medium Hold Modeling Gel by Davines, or the Wella EIMI Strong Hold Volume Mousse, for a full bodied wet look that keeps hair in place.





Though arguably not a hairstyle for a conservative office environment, the modern Mohawk is sleek, trendy and easy to maintain. This style can be bold, with just a streak of long hair down the center, or more subdued, with a wider strip of hair. Either way, the sides are short, and the center is left long, a big plus for hot days!


For dense, coarse, or ethnic hair that is curly we recommend the OI All-In-One Milk by Davines. This product gives shine, hydrates, controls frizz, and gives body to the hair.


For this look our stylist also recommend the Wella EIMI Just Brilliant Shine Pomade to keep the hair in place while also keeping it flexible and soft.


Like the undercut, you’ll want to keep the sides short and well-groomed, a little extra growth can take away from the sharp look of this style.


To achieve this look our stylist recommend a Medium Hold Finishing Gum by Davines. This product is light weight and flexible and will leave an elastic texture to the hair while keeping it in place.


Sporting the latest men’s hairstyles this season doesn’t mean spending a lot of time in front of the mirror every morning, noon and night. Choose one of these trendy, yet classic styles and you are sure to get heads turning wherever you go!