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BLO-Get the LOOK Sienna Miller



BLO is obsessed with Sienna’s Bohemian beach waves! This textured and dimensional style is a must have! This color is very natural and screams FRESH hair! We all love this natural California Girl look for day and can be tamed down for the night scene as well.Create an all over shaggy long layer haircut

  1. Color with dark golden brown for the base and medium golden brown down the midshaft four inches
  2. We will add some all over buttery blonde highlights using a Balayage technique and paint the highlights all over the head down the remaining part of midshaft down
  3. Prep the hair with Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort Beach Texturiser and blow dry
  4. Curl ends with a 1 ½ barrel curling wand away from face and use fingers to separate and create natural look of “just from the beach” wind blown look.
  5. Finish with Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort Spray
  6. You will look fresh from the BEACH SEXY!


BLO-Get the LOOK Blake Lively



BLO is obsessed with Blake’s golden blonde sexy long locks! This color gives her warmth and subtle dimension. Her eyes pop with this color and she looks like she just came from a day out at the beach

BLO’s how-to get the look:

  1. Create a long layered haircut
  2. Base with a honey golden blonde color and add light blonde highlights with a balayage technique
  3. Prep the hair with Kevin Murphy’s Anti-Gravity Oil-Free Volumiser to increase body and add shine
  4. Give a bombshell blow out with round brush to create natural body wave
  5. Finish with Kevin Murphy’s Anti-Gravity Spray for weightless volume and Powder Puff at the roots for added volume at the base

BLO-Get the LOOK Victoria Beckham


BLO loves Victoria’s edgy A-line bob. She has been the icon for this look and people who refer to her will think of this modern look that’s classy and sophisticated. You can add a smokey eye for a nighttime rocker look or with natural eye color tones for a classy daytime look.

BLO’s how-to get the look:

  1. Start with a graduated A-line bob with tapered ends
  2. Base color is a rich Mocha brown color all over with lots of warm gold undertones
  3. You can add texture throughout the cut after color is completed.
  4. Apply Number 4 Blow dry lotion and Thermal Styling Spray to wet hair and dry with Denman brush to get a sleek finish. You can also get an even straighter look by finishing with a flat iron.
  5. Finish the look with applying a small amount of Texture Styling Cream to the ends for a sharp textured look or a smooth sleek finish
  6. Now you’re ready to WORK IT!


BLO-Get the LOOK Angelina Jolie


BLO loves Angelina’s soft luscious waves. This look compliments her beautiful strong cheekbones and sultry lips. Her skin tone is warmed by the creamy caramel high and lowlights and also makes her eyes sparkle.

BLO’s how-to get the look:

  1. Start by a long layered haircut that softly frames the face
  2. Begin the color with a dark brown base and accent with caramel highlights
  3. Apply Number 4 Styling Foam and Thermal Styling Spray to prep the hair for styling
  4. Dry the hair completely
  5. Using a 1 ½ barrel curling iron, curl hair away from the face giving long glamorous curls
  6. Finish with Number 4 Mighty Hairspray and you will be ready to ROCK the PARTY!


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