The Lob – The Haircut that is PERFECT for Anyone This Summer!

The lob is the perfect haircut for anyone and everyone. It is essentially a longer versatile version of the bob. This haircut is great for anyone who has fine hair or damaged hair due to styling with heat tools. The lob is perfect because it will help regrow healthy hair without being tied down to short hair. It makes hair look thicker because all the dead stringy ends are gone.



This is a beautiful in between haircut, it’s not too long and not too short!


Styling the Lob

You can slick it all back, part it in the middle, or down the side. Great for people that are on the go because styling takes a lot less time.

Use hair serum to make it shiny like our Davines Oil Non Oil. This product is perfect if you want to wear your hair al natural. It adds shine, softness, controls frizz, conditions, heat protector, and provides a longer-lasting hairstyle.

But if you want to go all out and style your hair either straight, wavy, or curly it takes half the time you would normally spend on long hair.


Long-Layered Lob

Perfect for women with long faces because it ads width, or for the girl that has long damaged hair and is afraid of cutting off inches

This style and length allow your hair to be put hair up, or styled any way long hair would.

You can add soft bang, blunt bangs, anything you want! There isn’t just one way to have a lob.

For straight controlled looks we recommend using Davines Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid. This will ensure that when you are styling your hair, all the frizz and humidity will be gone. This products also ads moisture ad shine to your beautiful hair. You don’t have to use hot tools to use this product, but it does offer optimum stylistic support when using hot styling tools.

The Choppy Lob

This by far is my favorite style of lob, with its wispy layers it is modern and young. If your hair is stuck in a rut or you find that your hair hasn’t changed much in 5+ years, this haircut guarantees that you will never be bored.

This lob is very versatile, you can wear it slicked back, wavy, straight, you name it!

To achieve this look our stylist recommend Davines Medium hold Modeling Gel , for a full bodied, wet look.

You can add fun colors to create a more young and edgy feel, if you are feeling even more adventurous.

When we say the lob is for anyone and everyone, we mean it! I know a lot of women are hesitant because they might have a rounder face, but look at how gorgous it looks on round faces!

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